Thank you for your willingness to open your doors for the Wisconsin Solar Tour. Without you the Solar Tour could not happen!
The MREA will work to promote the Wisconsin Solar Tour throughout the state, but you can help as well. Here in the press room, you’ll find a sample Letter to the Editor, Press Release, Public Service Announcement Template, as well as Solar Tour Posters.
It’s not every day that folks invite you into their homes to check cool, renewable energy technologies, so let’s cover the state of Wisconsin with Solar Tour info to help the public plug in!
Letter to the Editor & Press Release:
Please submit these to your local newspapers as soon as possible. Feel free to insert interesting information about your home and/or renewable energy system to draw people to The Tour. Letters to the Editor and Press Release can most often be sent via email, but you may want call your local paper to find out who exactly to contact.
Here is the 2015 Wisconsin Solar Tour poster. You’ll find a blank spot to include your contact information, and site address. To cut your printing costs, we recommend printing a copy or two, and photocopying the rest to put up around your town. Our favorite places to poster? Libraries, downtown businesses, and environmental organizations’ offices. If you don’t have access to a printer, we have some hard copy posters that we can send your way, please email Allison at to request posters.

Public Service Announcement:
This list of scripts can often be submitted to a radio station, or you can go a step above and beyond by recording a P.S.A. at a radio station, or doing an interview with a radio station in your area. PSAs are fun to record, and are a great way to share The Solar Tour with your whole region. To find radio stations in your neck of the woods you can visit Wikipedia for a list of stations.