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A renewable energy site assessment conducted by an MREA Site Assessor is a great first step to making a renewable energy system a reality at your site. MREA Site Assessors are trained in one or more of the following technologies: solar electric, solar hot water, and small wind.

A MREA Site Assessor will provide you with the information needed to make decisions about renewable energy systems. Site assessors evaluate the proposed site, answer questions, and summarize the site specific information in a written report that will include the following details:

  • A review of your goals for having a renewable energy system
  • A basic analysis of your energy needs and usage
  • An evaluation of the solar or wind resources at your site
  • Recommendations for a renewable energy system size and siting to meet your energy goals
  • Estimate of shading and snow cover
  • Estimate of a solar electric, solar hot water, or a wind system's power production
  • A rough cost estimate for the system
  • An overview of the incentives for which the system is eligible
  • Preliminary economic analysis of the system
  • The next steps you need to take to make your system a reality

Costs for a site assessment are determined by the market, but typically range from approximately $250-$600 for a residential property to between $500 and $1,500 for a farm or business, depending on the complexity of the technology and site.

Considering the investment that renewable energy systems represent—anywhere from $8,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars—the information gained from unbiased, site assessors is invaluable to making a wise renewable energy decision.