Instructor Training

The MREA works with Partnering Institutions (PIs) and Recognized Training Providers (RPTs) to offer MREA curriculum to students enrolled in a renewable energy course or program at an approved educational facility.

MREA Professional Certificate Programs

Students can work towards their PV Design & Sales and/or a PV or Solar Thermal Site Assessment Certificate through an approved PI or RTP. The MREA Professional Certificate Programs provide a valuable foundation for professionals in the growing field of renewable energy.

The two Certificates offered are:

  1. Photovoltaic Sales & Design
  2. Site Assessment for PV, Solar Thermal or Small Wind

If you are interested in becoming a training provider for the MREA's ANSI-IREC accredited Professional Certificate Program, visit the Certificate website.

Instructor Institutes

Please contact Julie Brazeau if you are interested in an Instructor Institute training for your organization!

Instructor training courses available through the MREA include:

PV Technology Instructor Institute (PV 701) 
This five-day course is designed for instructors looking to gain experience with utility interactive and battery-based solar electric systems. Participants will advance through lecture, site assessment, hands-on installation, and design work that covers the MREA course content for PV 101, PV 201, PV 205, and PV 301.

PV Program Development (PV 703)
This 16-hour course is offered for instructors and administrators looking to advance PV design, installation, and sales training at their institutions. The resources in this course are designed for program managers looking to integrate PV content into their curriculum or design a program of study for PV Design and Installation or PV Technical Sales professionals. The course includes best practices for curriculum development, solar content integration, student hands-on experience, accreditation, student recruitment, articulation, and local market development. The courses provides participants with resources on state market conditions and growth scenarios, solar career pathways, case studies of successful programs, strategies for accreditation and student certification, student service learning arrangements, community outreach materials,, and model transfer agreements to 4-year colleges. Participants in this course will also gain access to curriculum resources including presentations, videos, manuals, and evaluations from the accredited training programs at the MREA and Kankakee Community College.

Solar Site Assessment Instructor Institute (PV-ST 705)
This 16 hour online training is a requirement for instructors who wish to offer MREA Site Assessment Certificate training at their institutions. In this course instructors will review teaching materials and resources related to site analysis, customer interview, site evaluation, system placement, shading analysis, and financial analysis. Instructors will focus on the technical evaluation skills required to tech mentor their students’ practice reports using the MREA Site Assessment template, directions document and rubric as well as instructor administration of the program using the MREA Online Learning Platform (Moodle). 
Eligible instructors must have completed at least one of their two practice site assessment reports before taking this course. Successful completion of PV 705, the submission and mentoring of both practice site assessment, and a passing grade on the MREA Site Assessment Exam will qualify instructors as an MREA Site Assessment Certificate Recognized Trainer. Instructors must sign a Letter of Agreement, and pay a $300 fee every three years. 
PV Design and Sales Instruction (PV 706)
This online course is a requirement for instructors interested in teaching MREA’s Photovoltaic Design and Sales Certificate Program at their institution. Participants will learn to apply tech mentoring tools and methods to assess technical design and sales proposals. This course covers instructional materials and tech mentoring strategies as well as procedures and policies for completing the MREA’s PV Design and Sales Certificate Program. This is a 16-hour online course, with 8 instructor contact hours and 8 hours of instructor-guided, self-paced work.
To become a Recognized Training Provider and offer MREA’s PV Design and Sales Certificate Program at their institution, instructors are required to hold a current MREA’s PV Design and Sales Certificate, sign a Letter of Agreement, and pay a $300 fee. Recognized Training Provider status is valid for three years.